Belle Plaine Township Ordinances

Dog Ownership

Number of dogs per property owner within the township is governed by Scott County.
In summary:

  • 4 dogs allowed for all
  • 5 to 25 dogs would require a permit but only if property is eligible.

For further information and to be in compliance with your dog ownership, please refer to Scott County Ordinance #3, Search for the word “Dog”.


1960 #1   An ordinance regulating the construction, moving and location of buildings designed and used for trades, industries, dwellings and mobile homes. Also, the regulation other location of dumping grounds and junkyards
1964 #2 Brush An ordinance amending Ordinance #1
1986   Brush Ordinance – not instituted correctly
1989 #3 Ag An ordinance limiting liability of Agricultural Operations
1996 #4 County Zoning A resolution adopting Scott County Land Subdivision Ordinance #7 as Belle Plaine Township Ordinance #4 and Joint Powers Agreement
2008 #5 ROW  An ordinance regulating Belle Plaine Township Road Right-of-Ways and the construction, Installation, Operation, Repair, Maintenance, Removal and Relocation of Facilities and Equipment used in the public grounds of the township and providing penalties for violations
2009 #6 ROW  Amendment to Ordinance #5
2017 #7 Fees An ordinance for fee schedules
2017 #8 Cul-de-sacs An ordinance regulation placement of cul-de-sacs with the township road ROW
2019 #9 Solicitors An ordinance to regulate peddlers and solicitors




2003 Snow & Ice Removal Policy
2005 Snow & Ice Removal Policy
2009 Snow & Ice Removal Policy
2012 Traffic Sign Reflectivity Maintenance & Inspection
2012 Requests for Public Information – doesn’t apply to BP Township (not an urban township)
2012 Direction to Contractors & Paid staff to perform work in excess of $1,000
2013 Private Property Owners/Individual(s) who request Work To Be Performed by Township Contractors or Paid Staff
2015 Ditch Alteration Policy 
2015 Sign Reflectivity
2016 Mailbox Policy
2020 Requests for Public Information- Revised


Please contact Kristy, the township clerk, to obtain a copy of the ordinance or policy you’re interested in.

Phone: 651-307-0101
Clerk: Click to Email