Belle Plaine Township Fees

Make checks payable to:
Belle Plaine Township

Send checks to:

Belle Plaine Township
P.O. Box 124
Belle Plaine, Minnesota 56011

Capital Improvement Fee for New Construction:

  • $1,500 if off a County road.
  • $3,500 if off a gravel Township road.
  • $5,000 if off a paved Township road.
    • New Lots – due at time of mylar signing
    • Existing Lots – due at time of permit application

Capital Improvement Fee will be paid when an existing eligible lot is changed to have a house building permit issued to build a home.

Driveway Fee:

  • $100 Inspection Fee
  • $500 Bond – Bond is refundable if a final inspection is passed

Special Meeting Fee:

  • $350 – Only applicable in certain situations (supervisor discretion).
  • $150 – Administrative splits.

Building Permit Fee:

  • $50 only if a Building Permit Application is signed outside of a Board meeting.

Right-Of-Way User Fee:

  • Required Nonrefundable Fee:
    $ 100 for a single location/crossing and/or under ¼ mile.
    $ 250 for multiple crossings and/or in excess of ¼ mile and a Road Use Agreement will be required.
  • Security – Bond of $10,000.

Annexation Fees:

  • $310 per acre for unimproved property
  • $372 per acre for improved property